Cable assembly

We have the know-how to implement your wishes.
Often there are not a thousand wishes but only the desire for having the time for the really important things in life.

With the Komax Zeta 633 and other modern machinery we are well positioned to realize the wishes of our customers.

Production of:

  • cable assemblies according to individual needs!
  • harnesses of all types and flat cables

Approved quality by constant production monitoring and testing of automatic cable test systems.

Standard - Packaging:

Single strands

Base material:

  • H05 & H07 VK lines (cross-sections of 0.5 - 70mm ² is standard)
  • UL CSA approved cables (cross section ditto as above)
  • Multi-standard approved cables (UL, CSA, CE, HAR Approved)
  • vehicle lines (FLR-Y type A + B)
  • LIY lines
  • Teflon PTFE5Y lines
  • Silicone cables


  • cut to lengths of 50mm - 15000mm (Standard)
  • Equipped with insulated ferrules (DIN standard color code)
  • Equipped with clips taped ferrules, with and without Isolierfassung
  • printed and unprinted
  • Cut to length, printed and packaged as a set for the cabinet wiring.


Base material:

  • Data lines / control lines (eg LiYY, LiYCY) Standard
  • those with UL CSA approval


  • cut to lengths of 150mm - 15000mm (Standard)
  • Equipped with ferrules (isolated, non-insulated or taped clips)
  • Equipped with D-SUB connectors 09, 15, 25, 50 pin (default)
  • Equipped with standard connectors from the industry
  • printed and unprinted (marked with labels)

Special assemblies:

  • harnesses
  • Line drawn into bellows to protect (owner REIKU, PMA, ..)

Our machinery:

Cutting machines:

  • KOMAX "KAPPA 220"
  • KOMAX "KAPPA 240"
  • KOMAX "ZETA 633"

Machinery grouting:

  • Zoller & Fröhlich "UNIC LS"
  • Zoller & Fröhlich "AM 02"
  • Zoller & Fröhlich "AM 03"
  • Zoller & Fröhlich "AL 01"
  • SCHÄFER Stripper Crimper and Standard Presses
  • KLAUKE presses
  • and others.


cable assembly

cable assembly

cable assembly