About us

Where is the company Ottersbach at home and how to reach them?

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How long has the company?

Otte-electronics was founded in 1985.

What can Ottersbach do for you?

  • Development of custom controls
  • procurement, assembly and material management of PCB in SMD and conventional design
  • Cable assembly
  • Complete equipment manufacturing
  • cabinet, complete units manufacturing, assembly
  • Own products

Who is Ottersbach working for?

  • Medical
  • Environment
  • Computer / Communication Technology
  • Machinery
  • suppliers to the automotive industry

What principles guide us?

Thanks to our customers we are successful in the market and will remain that way for you.

  • Meet the demands of our customers
  • Maintain dialogue
  • Implementing ideas
  • discussion of the tasks, ask questions and find answers

We see ourselves as a strong and competent partner!

Our company guidelines:

  • To be better than others
  • Using highest standard to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Finding the best solutions in a constructive cooperation with our customers.
  • Producing products innovatively, cost-effective and marketable.
  • Modern manufacturing techniques, trained personnel and continuous quality assurance guarantee perfect production results in special requirements
  • Reliability and punctuality
  • Challenging and participating actively in the design of products.

What you can count on.

Our goal is not short-term, fleeting success, but the long-term good cooperation with you.