PCB Assembly

No 'resistance' keeps us from fulfilling your needs.

We offer:

  • Conventional assembly
  • Mix and match
  • SMD mounting

For the assembly of printed circuit boards only modern technology is used.

In the areas of PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing we offer perfect quality, flexibility, delivery reliability and customer service. Our equipment is optimized for small and medium series and designed for advanced tasks.

Through our experience in customers of medical technology field you also benefit from the high requirements of this industry. We offer everything from a single source: sourcing, prototype manufacturing, mass production including corporate development and implementation of test strategies.

  • Production of prototypes, samples and small series
  • Series production of SMD, conventional or mixed / printed circuit board assemblies
  • Installation of front panels, enclosures, equipment and cables

Procedures / testing laboratory

Flying - Test - Test of tests

Based on the test system specifications following checkpoints are contained in the testing program:

  • Short circuit tests (short-circuit tests)
  • Link measurement (bridge tests)
  • Measurement of R, L, C Components
  • Measurement of diodes, transistors, OP's, opto-couplers and relays.


  • "FP IC pin-tests measuring the IC diodes - input characteristics for the review
    The IC - Pin - links and the correct IC - Lamp.
  • "FP functional tests" with applied power is being supplied, the current measurement device receiving
    Measurement of the internal supply voltage.

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly